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    Our software solutions have been implemented by many companies. We have a proven track record of delivering solutions using standards and methodologies that are scalable, configurable and upgrade frie ...

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    We provide software and service, primarily in PLM arena, to companies like PTC, IBM, ITT, Xylem, Google, LAM research, Motorola, PTC's value added resellers and several other international companies. ...

  • Major Projects

    Our team of experienced consultants are capable of undertaking projects of any scale. We manage all aspects of projects. Apart from being involved in providing skilled consultants for our clients nee ...

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    • PLM Worker
    • PLM Drive
    • XSV to XML converter
    • PDF Stamper
    • Multilevel BOM compare
    • Magic Renderer
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    Phone#: 847-452-3945

    Toll Free#: (800) 438-8239

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    Email: contact@najanaja.com